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May 7, 2012
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You're In Hell: The English Are Cooks

"In Hell, the English are cooks, the Germans are police officers, the French are engineers, the Italians are bankers, and the Swiss are lovers!"

You lay on your couch, watching the Sci-Fi channel. You and Arthur were supposed to go have lunch with each other today, but he suddenly cancelled it at the last minute. Why did he cancel the date? Did he lose interest in you? Did he make other plans? Just thinking about it made you tear up a little. Suddenly, you heard your cell phone ring.

You wiped the salty tears off your face and picked up your cell to see that it was Arthur calling. Your excited that he was calling you, but at the same time you were still sad and mad that he cancelled the date. You cleared your throat and answered the call. "Arthur!" You said, trying not to sound like you just got done crying, "Why...why did you cancel our date? D-do you not like me anymore?" Your voice cracked a little as you started to cry again.

"Oh, I am so sorry about that, love. Forgive me," Arthur's voice sounded a little different, "Why don't you come over to my house and we can talk it over?"

You weren't sure what to say. After a little pause, you agreed to come over anyway.

"Alright then! See you in a bit, love." He then hung up. You put your cell down, biting your lip. You were thinking if you should really go or not. He didn't sound like the Arthur you knew. You decided to go, since you started to worry about him. You got up from your couch, turned off the T.V., and slipped on your shoes. You grabbed your keys and headed for the door, grabbing your jacket and slipping it on. You opened the door and locked it behind you after you stepped outside. Since Arthur just lived down the block, you decided to walk there.

When you got there, you walked up the steps to his front porch. There wasn't a single light on. You walked up to his door and were about to ring his doorbell, but you hesitated. "Should I really do this?" You nervously thought to yourself. Knowing it was probably too late to head back home, you rang his doorbell. You heard footsteps in the house getting louder as they walked to the door. You gulped and started to sweat a little. You wanted to just leave, but you were stiff, like someone froze you into ice.

The door then opened with a loud creak. Arthur appeared in front of you, "Why, 'ello there
[_y/n_]!" Not only did he sound different, he even looked different.

"A-Arthur?!" You were shocked when you saw his appearance. He now had bleach blond hair with sky blue eyes and freckles to match. Instead of his usual olive green sweater vest, it was now a bright pink with a light blue bow tie. "What happened to you?!"

"What do you mean?" Arthur asked tilting his head to the side, "I'm the same as ever!" He said that with such a joyful and bright smile, there was no way this was Arthur. It all must be a trick.

You then caught the aroma of delicious cupcakes coming from the kitchen. "Oh my gosh, Arthur, what is that wonderful smell?" You almost started to drool. It was the most amazing thing you ever smelled.

"Oh! You must be smelling my fresh-baked cupcakes!" Arthur replied while looking back at the kitchen, "Would you like to come inside and try one, my dear?" He held out his hand, giving you a smile. Without thinking, you reached for his hand and let him grip it, leading you inside. You walked in like you were in a trance.

When you usually go to Arthur's house, his kitchen is untouched. Spic and span with not a spec of well...anything. Today though, there was a mixing bowl and utensils with some cupcake batter on them. There were some drops of it on the counter, as well.

"Oh dear! I am so sorry, [_y/n_]!" You were confused why he was apologizing, "I have left a big mess in the kitchen!"

"Oh, it's alright Arthur. I'm cool with it..." you looked a little shy when you told him that. As you started towards the cupcakes, you felt the heat from the oven, knowing Arthur just baked the cupcakes. You stared at the cupcakes, like a lioness watching her prey. They had pink and blue icing and were wrapped in polka dot wrappers. Arthur then came behind you, picking up one of the cupcakes.

"It's red velvet," he said as he held it up to your face, "Go ahead, love. Try it."

You took the cupcake from his hand and unwrapped it, taking a small bite. Your eyes widened as the delicious treat dissolved in your mouth, tingling your taste buds. You then took another bite of the surprisingly delicious cupcake. "Oh my gosh! This cupcake is delicious!" You said with your mouth full. You then finished your cupcake, grabbing another one from the counter.

"I'm glad you love it, [_y/n_]," Arthur wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek. Him doing that just made you remember why you came to his house in the first place.

"Arthur...w-why did you cancel-," You suddenly felt drowsy. You held your hand up to your head, dropping your cupcake to the ground. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you slowly closed them, losing your balance. You then fell asleep, but Arthur was ablw to catch you. He then swooped you off your feet, whispering in your ear, "Oh, [_y/n_], you're so a cupcake," He kissed you on the forehead.

Arthur then started walking up the stairs to his room, you still in his arms, with some rope over his shoulder. "We're going to have 'lots of fun, my little poppet..." He whispered with a slight smirk on his face.
Sorry if it sucks! TT_TT (I'm not a good story writer)

I've been wanting to do something like this :meow: Yes, this is 2p!Hetalia fan-fiction stuff. XD I'm so addicted to it right now <333

So, Here's 2p!England's part of the story, but I guess this doesn't have mature content since he didn't really do anything yet...

Next up will be 2p!America c:

Enjoy! <3

I do NOT own 2p!Hetalia or the picture above. I just wrote the fan-fic.
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